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GCF (golden closet film)
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g.c.f stands for golden closet film, and it is a series of videos directed, filmed and edited by jungkook.

gcf playlist

1. G.C.F in Tokyo (정국&지민) (November 8, 2017)

2. G.C.F in Osaka (April 30, 2018)

3. G.C.F in USA (July 16, 2018)

4. G.C.F in Saipan (July 25, 2018)

5. G.C.F in Newark VHS ver. (October 1, 2018)

6. G.C.F 3J @2018 MMA Practice (December 2, 2018)

7. G.C.F in Helsinki (December 28, 2019)

soundcloud and youtube covers
twitter covers

▪ see through – by primary

▪ working (yanghwa bridge) – by zion.t, lyrics adapted

▪ sofa – by crush
soundcloud youtube

▪ lost stars – by Adam levine
soundcloud youtube

▪ christmas day (with jimin) (mistletoe) – by justin bieber, lyrics adapted
soundcloud youtube

▪ paper hearts – by tori Kelly

▪ fools (with rm) – by troye sivan

▪ nothing like us – by justin bieber

▪ thick rice wine – by busker busker

▪ it's hard to face you – by busker busker

▪ rainisim – by rain

▪ if you – by big bang

▪ i'm in love (with lady jane) – by ra.d

▪ purpose – by justin bieber

▪ oh holy night – by mariah carey
soundcloud youtube

▪ we don’t talk anymore – by charlie puth and selena gomez
with jimin youtube

▪ 2u – by justin bieber

▪ only then – by roy kim

▪ ending scene – iu
soundcloud 1 soundcloud 2

▪ 10,000 hours – dan + shay, justin Bieber

eat – by zion.t
see you again – by wiz khalifa
from january to june – by yoon jong sin
knee – by iu
half moon – by dean
we don’t talk anymore – by charlie puth and selena gomez
beautiful – by crush
only then – by roy kim
breathe – by lee hi
all of my life – by park won
ending scene – by iu
look at me – by george
that probably is – by yong jung choi
never not – by lauv

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still with you
my time

songs he participated in (composing, producing), collabs, bts sub-units
your eyes tell
magic shop
jamais vu
love is not over (full)
autumn leaves
the truth untold
love is not over (outro)
outro: the journey
dream glow
waste it on me
savage love
film out

jungkook's covers

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